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Tv Service center for Television Repairing Service in Gurgaon | Delhi NCR.
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Monday: 9:00 am – 8:00 pm, Tuesday : Closed, Wednsday: 9:00 am – 8:00 pm, Thrusday: 9:00 am – 8:00 pm, Friday: 9:00 am – 8:00 pm, Saturday: 9:00 am – 8:00 pm, Sunday: 9:00 am – 8:00 pm.

Tv Repair Cost: Starts from Rs. 249.00

Diagnosis Time: 45 Minutes Repair Time: 1 - 7 Days (Depending on the Issue and availability of the Required Parts. Specialy CORONA Lockdown)
Site Visit Charge: Rs.- 249.00 { If not Take our service after Visiting your place }
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➤ Additional charges as per bill estimate
➤ A Site Visit Charge is required to carry out a physical inspection of the item.

About Founder of TRG

The founder of TRG - TV REPAIR GURGAON Mr. Sanjay who himself has got more than 30 years of experience in the TV Repair industry and had worked with the renowned organizations like Sony, Akai, LG, and Philips. Now having his Plasma Tv Repair | LCD Tv Repair | LED TV Service center for all Tv Repair, in Gurgaon.
Multi-Brand Tv service center in Gurgaon, providing The Best Tv Repair solution at your doorstep. The Tv Service center near you. Fix Tv at your house.

As we are focusing on latest Televisions in this article, we are trying to explaine most common issues. 

➤ No Power:

For this reason, firstly check the power code connected properly with the power plug. If that is okay, then if you have some technical knowlage, open the back cover of your television, and check the fuse, it might be blown off, change it. Put the cover back, screw it properly, and turn on the tv. It will start working, If not contact expert technical team at TRG - Tv Repair Gurgaon to examin and fix the issue.

➤ Automatic Turn Off:

This is due to one or more components stop working according to funciality in your television. One should book a TV repair professional from TRG - Tv Repair Gurgaon get access to the inner part of your TV and fix the issue. Do not try to fix it yourself, you might damage your favorite television. Foe this reason, contact Expert Technician at TRG - Tv Repair Gurgaon to solve the issue for your sake.

➤ Remote Control Not Responding

If your television remote control fails to respond when it havig some technical Issues. First check or change the batteries, when the issue remains the same even after replacing the batteries. Hence, the experts at TRG - Tv repair Technician know how to repair the remote control. You will get a new remote if your's remote is beyond repair.

➤ TV Power On With No Picture:

Though your television produces sound, there is no picture on the TV screen. Mostly this issue appeares, when the backlight is faulty or damaged. Users often turns off their TV, and turn on the television to perform a factory reset to fix the issue manually. But, this solution won’t work if the problem related to Backlight or the Panel screen. So, let experts repair the backlight or related parts to recover the picture on your Televisio.

➤ Television With Black Screen and Sound okay, When Turned On:

When Your television is stuck with a black screen when you power it on. Nothing happens even if you modify the settings or press buttons on the remote. A hidden fault in the HDMI cable might be responsible for a black screen. There can be faults in the power outlet, power cable, or video cable as well. Therefore, connect with professionals to identify the actual reason behind the black screen of death.

➤ Distorted Images, and Pixel Issue:

Regardless of the brand, most LED and LCD TVs are experiencing screen problems. When screen problems occur, your television might display disrupted images. Again, you might see that pictures are suddenly getting squashed, cropped, or stretched on the television screen. Hence, it is an annoying situation as you can’t enjoy your programs. Screen problems generally occur when something goes wrong with the picture size settings. The problem commonly happens for HD channels that require more signal strength. This is why it is suggested to approach TRG - Tv repair technician to look after the matter and get it fixed without delay.

➤ TV Screen Panel is Flickering or Blinking:

It hurts your eyes when the TV screen keeps flickering constantly. Therefore, experts have found this problem to be arising from broken internal connections. Televisions are full of circuits and hence problem starts if a single circuit is broken. Only proper repairs can fix internal connections and solve the issue.

➤ Sound Problems:

Besides the picture problems, televisions are known for audio issues. Audio problems can occur from a loose connection between speakers and A/V receiver of the television. TV speakers are faulty if the sounds are audible with external speakers.

➤ HDMI Source Not Working

➤ Restore the Expected Performance of Your Television:

The Tv Repair service experts at TRG - Tv Repair Gurgaon have repaired so many televisions in dlf, Sushant Lok, South City, Palam Vihar, MG Road, sohna Road, Golf Course Road, Delhi Road, Tulip, Vatika India, Bestek Park view, etc in Gurugram. They specifically deal with the above mentioned issues. Our Tv Mechanics are updated with the latest changes in different brand Televisions. Otherthen, they receive separate training to operate different brands. So, maybe you want to contact your TV manufacturer to fix the issue. You have to do that if your television hasn’t exceeded the warranty period. But, if the warranty of your television is over, the manufacturers might take more time and charge a high amount to fix your Tv. If you speak to TRG - Tv Repair Gurgaon, then we will repair your TV within a much shorter time span, because we provide chip-level repairing service. You will also get on-time support and 100% guaranted satisfaction from our Tv service center's service. We will not unnecessarily replace a component if it is fixable. Thus, contact one of the best Tv Service center in Gurgaon at our helpline number +91 7838984877 if we seem to be a better option for repairing your television.

➤ Television Will not Connect to WiFi:

Some TV models are having the facility of wireless connection. WPA and SSID passwords are necessary for connecting to WiFi so that you can enjoy movies, videos or your favurite programs online. But, sometimes your TV won’t connect to WiFi even if you entering correct passwords. You can get help from experts to handle such a situation

Can easily fix ANY ISSUE with your Television. Avail fast, Reliable, and Quality Tv repairing services at reasonable prices.
Offering home service for all brand Television repair service, and installation in Gurgaon | Delhi NCR. Also having a skilled technical team at his TV REPAIR | SERVICE CENTER who can resolve any issue, any brand anywhere in Gurugram, and Delhi. The Tv Repair center near you for best Tv Repairing service at your place.

Get Fast, Reliable Chip-level repairing service for Samsung Tv repair | Sony Tv repair, LG Tv repairing, Toshiba Tv Repair service, Philips Tv repairing service, Hitachi, VU Tv repair center in Gurgaon, AOC tv repair service Tv service center.
Also providing service Micromax Tv Repair, Sansui Tv repairing & service, TCL, Intex, BPL tv repair, Sharp Tv repairing in Gurgaon and many more.
For an appointment, please fill the below form or call direct on 7838984877. One of The Best Tv Repair Shop in Gurgaon | Delhi NCR. TRG - Tv Repair Gurgaon is the Tv Service center that provides services according to your convenience, and works till your satisfaction

Get Fast, Reliable Chip level repairing service for Samsung Tv repair, Sony Tv repair, LG Tv repairing, Toshiba Tv repair service, Philips Tv repairing service, Hitachi Tv repair & service, VU Tv repair center, AOC Led tv repair service, Tv service center, Also providing service Micromax Led Tv Repair, Sansui Tv repairing & service, BPL Led tv repair, Sharp Led | Lcd Tv repairing in Gurgaon and many more.
For appointment, please fill the below form or call direct on 7838984877. One of The Best Tv Repair Shop in Gurgaon and Delhi. The Led Tv service center that provides services according to your convenience, and works till your satisfaction.


LCD Repair, Liquid Crystal Display tv repair and installation service provider in Gurgaon. We offer LCD TV Panel Repair & Service - Disassembling - Functional Testing - Component Level troubleshooting and repairs with great reasonable rates, and a 30-day warranty on every job we do. We provide in-home service for repairing of Lcd Televisions's in Gurgaon. Team at TV REPAIR GURGAON have a total solution for all brands such as:- Samsung tv repair in Gurgaon, Sony tv repair in Gurgaon, LG Lcd tv repair in Gurgaon, Hitachi Lcd tv repair in Gurgaon, Videocon Lcd tv repair in Gurgaon. We provide fast onsite service with a better Lcd tv repair experience, a true warranty, and a lower price. We also provide LCD tv installation services as per your convenience. Learn more about Lcd Repair Services


Gurgaon's A+ Rated onsite Led Tv Service center for Led Tv Repair Service is locally owned and operated by TRG - TV REPAIR GURGAON. There's no need for pickup and delivery for expert Led repairs. Our Master TV Service Engineer had repaired over 15,000 Leds in Gurgaon and we Repair most televisions at your place. Fix Led Tv Check out our great low rates, free estimates on phone, and 30 days after service warranty.
The Tv Service center that provides in-home repair service for all Brand-Led Television. Our technical team will provide service for repairing of led tv's in all Gurgaon. One of The Best Tv Service center or you can say Tv repair shop near me for Led Tv Repairing service. Get Led Tv Repair in Gurgaon as per your convenience. The Tv Repair shop near you. Learn more about LED Repair Services


TRG - TV REPAIR GURGAON had employed the best-skilled Tv technicians in the region, with more than 8 to 12 years of experience our skilled television repairman have end to end knowledge of all brands plasma tv. Is your Plasma having some issues? We'll send a technician right to your home to fix it. We specialize in all brands big screen, widescreen, flat screen, flat panel, plasma tv repair in Gurgaon. Get Plasma Tv Repair in Gurgaon at your convenience. Learn more about Plasma TV Repair Services

TV Repair in Gurgaon

TRG - TV Repair in Gurgaon - Provides same-day Tv Repairing service in Gurgaon. We can repair any Plasma, Lcd, Led Television set of all major Television brands such as - Samsung, Sony, LG, Philips, Toshiba, Videocon, Akai, Philips, Panasonic, Sansui.
Just book a television repair expert engineer from here for fast, reliable & comfort TV repair services at your home. Get the best and most affordable tv service in Gurgaon. Read more about TV Repair Services

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Samsung Tv Repair, Sony Tv Repair, LG Tv Repair, Videocon Tv Repair, Sansui Tv Repair, Akai Tv Repair, Panasonic Tv Repair, Hitachi Tv Repair, Wansa Tv Repair, Toshiba TV Repair, Philips Tv Repair, VU Tv Repair, Intex Tv Repair, Micromax Tv Repair, Vizio Tv Repair, Aiwa TV Repair, Sharp TV Repair, Onida Tv Repair, Oscar TV Repair in Gurgaon, Salora Tv Repair, JVC Tv Repair, TCL Tv Repair, and many more.
Just book a Television Repair expert engineer for fast, reliable, and comfort services at your home. Get the best and most sensible priced tv service at TRG - TV REPAIR GURGAON. Well known Led Tv Repair shop near you in Gurugram. We have a total solution for your favorite brand.
We provides same-day LED Tv Repair service in all Gurgaon such as Mg road, Golfcourse Road, Sohna Road, Old Delhi Road, Dlf City, Sushant Lok, South city, Palam vihar, Vitaki city, and so no. We can solve issues of any Led Tv set.

Special Team For LCD | LED TV Installation

Led Tv installation

We provide clean and accurate LCD / LED TV installation in Gurgaon. We are sure to make happy by installing your favorite and expensive LCD or LED TV as per your expectations and of course in your budget. We provide specialist for LCD / LED Uninstallation & Re-Installation service in Gurgaon.

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